Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch Out Robin Hood!

I've had the idea for this project for a while. I was saving it for the "I'm bored" days of summer.

Here's the link where I originally got the idea.

Materials: (all found @ Home Depot)
  • 1/2" PVC pipe (it was about 40" long which was enough for 3 bows)
  • wooden dowels for arrows (we cut them in half)
  • colored electrical tape
  • twine that has nylon in it
  • something to cut with (we used a small saw)
all materials were only about $9 - that was enough for 3 bows)

Cut your PVC pipe for the bow.

Decorate the bow with the electrical tape.

Cut a notch in both ends of the PVC pipe
Cut some nylon twine about the length of the bow
Tie knots in the end of the twine and secure it into the notches on the pipes
Cut your arrows to desired length

Then, make a groove in one end of each arrow
Pull back hard and let 'er fly!

My 7 year old got the hang of it after a while.
The 5 year old struggles, but still likes it.
The 2 year old just likes to carry it around and pretend.


  1. glad you tried it!! I think your boys are lucky that you started this blog!!!. Way to go girl.

  2. I love this one! I'm definitely going to do this w/my kiddos :)


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