Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A few years ago, our neighbors introduced us to their Easter egg hunt tradition.
They make Cascarones, and now we make them too.
Kids love hunting for eggs, but this adds a fun twist...
When you find an egg, you get to crack it over someome's head, showering them with confetti!

What you need:
Eggs (buy extra! we lost at least 6 during the process)
egg dye kit (although some like to just paint them or color them with markers)
confetti & maybe a little glitter
scraps of tissue paper

* plan on having scrambled eggs for dinner!*

Dye your eggs like you normally would & let them dry.

Then, using a sharp object, like a tac or needle,
carefully open a hole in the bottom of each one to let the egg drain out.
You can even just crack a hole, but I kept overdoing it.

If the egg didn't come out very easily,
we used a chopstick to break up the yolk a little,
and make it easier to drain.

Rinse the eggs with water and let them dry completely, maybe overnight.

Fill each hole with confetti of your choice and maybe a little glitter.
You can make your own confetti with paper & a hole punch too.
Then, glue a piece of tissue paper over the hole to hold it all in.

Hide the eggs like you normally would for any Easter egg hunt.
But, remember:
When you find an egg, crack it over someome's head & shower them with confetti!

If you like this idea, but don't want to do the work, I just saw eggs at Walmart the other day,
dyed & filled with confetti., ready to go.


  1. Cool project....I'll let you know if we try this one! Marlon is all for it!

  2. Love it love it love it! I am totally doing this, especially because Collin can't eat pretty much all the candy you put in those plastic eggs. This is an eggcellent, very boy-friendly substitute!

  3. April! Run idea, and since I have 4 of those boys myself I will be checking in on your blog. I might just send ideas your way!! I hope all is well. k


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