Friday, April 9, 2010

Popcorn Race

What You'll Need:
Plastic or paper cups
tack or small nail
thick rubber bands
paper clips
lots of popcorn or packing peanuts seperated into 2 bags
2 shallow boxes or bowls (of the same size)

Use a tack or small nail to poke a hole in the center of each cup bottom.
Push one end of a thick rubber band through the hole and into the cup.
Slip a paper clip on the end of the band, inside the cup, and gently pull the other end of the band until the end of the band rests on the inside of the cup. (The rubber band, worn around the ball of the foot, holds the cup in place atop a player's shoe.)
Set the 2 boxes or bowls about 5 yards beyond the starting line, oppisite the teams.

To Play:
Form 2 teams. At "GO", one boy on each team must fill the cups on their shoe with popcorn. Then, sprint down to their box and dump the popcorn into the box, trying to lose as little popcorn as possible along the way. The racers run back to tag the next teammate in line.
The race continues for 2 minutes, until one team has used all of their popcorn, or until each boy has gone al teast once.
The popcorn is then measured with a ruler or by cupfuls. The team with the most popcorn is the winner!

*Word of Caution*
If your husband is in charge of the Cub Scout activity,
ask him to do this race outside or in the garage,
before leaving the house!
you could come home to
*taken from the Cub Scout Program Helps book*


  1. Came over from Peddling. First Grade teacher here with two young boys of my own.

    Cool site. I'm not a mom but besides that, I am sure there is info here I can use.

  2. ha! yes, that looks like an Outdoor activity!!!

    my boys would LOVE this!
    stopping by from Pedaling, you got some great ideas here. i have two can't wait to hear more fun ideas!

    stop by and visit me anytime too, i love new visitors!


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