Friday, August 20, 2010

After school snack

Per my neighbors suggestion,
I decided to have a special something for my kids when they got home from their 1st day of school.
What would it be? A little trinket? Homemade cookies & milk?
In the end, I got lazy and tired and never made it to the store.
So, I had to create something out of what was in our kitchen.
They ended up with Oreo shakes & whipped cream on top!

It was a hit. Especially since my 2nd grader, "Hates school!"
Not something I realized could happen before becoming a parent...
I though kids started hating school in Jr. High!?!?

Do you have any 1st Day of School rituals?

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  1. yummy...
    Every year I take pictures as they enter their classrooms, w/teacher, and a few w/their classmates; after school, I got them a snack (which pretty much can be a meal) of their choice....Marlon got a sushi box (tekamaki) from our local grocery, and Noe loves McD's chicken nugget kids meal. We don't eat McD often at all, so for her this was a big deal :)


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