Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolate Balloon Cups

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I saw THIS RECIPE quite a while ago on BAKERELLA.
We finally tried it yesterday.
It was fun and in the end turned out well.
But, before you go trying the recipe, let me first say,
Follow The Directions!!!
I know, you're probably smarter than me and when you read a recipe, you do what it tells you.
I just thought it looked so easy and fun, that I jumped right in and didn't read carefully.
3 things Not to Skip:
- wash the balloons
-spray lightly with cooking spray
- let the chocolate cool
If you Do Skip, just for the entertainment value...
the balloons will POP and you'll have liquid chocolate sprays all over your kitchen,
and your child who is trying to help.

p.s. we didn't actually make the pudding recipe. we just filled our cups with ice cream.

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