Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Batman Birthday Party

I have a hard time spending $ on birthday parties. People just go waaaay overboard when it comes to decor., cakes, party favors, food, etc...
Hundreds of dollars later...
It's just not my thing.
Maybe I'm just too lazy and too cheap.
Whatever the reason, I keep it as simple as possible while still celebrating and making it special for my guys.

A few months ago we had a great birthday party at the house for my second born who requested a Batman party.

Thought I'd share some the games we played.

1) We started off with a game of Batman Charades. I printed small pictures of Batman characters from the internet and put them in an envelope. Each child took a turn picking a picture card and acting out that character. They especially loved when someone picked Cat Woman and had to act like a girl!

2) We also played "Shoot the Villains". I pritned out several Batman villains's pictures onto cardstock, taped them to popsicle sticks, and stuck them in the ground around the yard. Each of the boys got to run around the yard and shoot the villains with a Nerf gun.

3) Last, we played Dodgeball. All the boys had to pretend to be Batman villains while the boy that was "It" tried to hit them with a volleyball that had Batman symbols all over it.

Everyone had a fun time and it wasn't too much work, or money for me!

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