Friday, May 28, 2010

Border's Free Book Program

We did this last year.
C & E both got a free book!
E wasn't reading yet, but I just read to him and still got the free book.
The website lists several free books to choose from,
but last year there were way more choices in each age category.
I'm thinking that when we get to the store, they will have more choices.

*p.s. if your kids like reading, check out your local library.
they may have a similar summer reading program.
we have done one with our local library for several years.
they get lots of prizes, coupons and a free book every year.
E even did it when he was only 2 years old.*

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  1. The nice library lady wanted me to sign up my unborn child. I told her I couldn't, since she doesn't have a name yet! Gotta love the library.


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