Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have you ever made OOBLECK?

This substance is pretty cool.
We were amazed at how it transforms over and over again with just a touch!

What You'll Need:
2 parts cornstarch
1 part water
food coloring (optional *my son's hands are still a lovely light green color*)

(this also turned out to be good reinforcement of primary colors
& how they turn into secondary colors)

Just mix it together.

Then watch as it changes from liquid (or like a liquid)

to a solid when pressure is applied.

Try this with it:

-  Smack it! If you hit the mixture really hard, it might even break.
- Pour it from hand to hand. If you go slowly, it will pour freely.
- Roll it into a ball. If you keep rolling, you can roll it into a nice ball.
Of course, as soon as you stop rolling, it will ooze and turn back into a puddle.
- Bounce it! If you get the right consistency, you can even bounce a ball of this goo!
* I also saw a video of someone who was walking in a big container of "Oobleck".
If you walk fast enough, you can stay on top of the goo.
That looked fun, but I wasn't up for that today. Maybe another day. *


  1. This looks like really cool stuff we will have to try it! And thanks for the tip about Lego Rockband, good to know.

  2. AWESOME! SUGOI!! First warm day we are outside making this....
    I am still working on my OCD. It teamed with white textured wallpaper sorta kills the chance of doing this inside.

    Lovin your blog!!!


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