Friday, May 21, 2010

Teacher Gifts

Didn't we just get done with Teacher Appreciation week?
Time flies.
Well, now it's time to find a little something for my kid's teachers to say thank you for a great year.
Teachers are worth it though, right?
I think it's so much more meaningful when the kids have to contribute to the gift giving process.
So, we went to the store and they picked out a few items that they knew were their teachers' favorites and then thought of appropriate sayings that went with each one
(with a little guidence from me of course).

We wrapped each item in a bow with the "quote" and then put them all in a plastic summer tote that I found at Walmart for about $1 each.

Here are the quotes that we put with each one.
The possibilities are endless.
• You are a wonderfully SWEET teacher!
(Sweet & Salty granola bar)

• Thank you for your SOFT touch!
(Softlips chapstick)

• All of my preschool days were SUNNY with you!
(Sunflower seeds)

• I’m a little bit NUTTY! Thanks for your patience!
(Planter’s Nuts)

• You are an EXTRA special teach, who made me feel EXTRA special too!
(Extra gum)

• Thanks for MOLDING & STRETCHING my mind!
(Silly Putty)

• Thanks for LIGHTing my way through preschool!

• You deserve a long, indulgent summer BREAK!
(Reese’s Fast Break candy bar)

• You’re such a great teacher. I’m just BURSTing with gratitude!
(Starbursts candy – I think I left out of the picture)

• Thanks to you, everything I learned in preschool is CRYSTAL clear!
(Crystal Light drink package)

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  1. Great idea, April! Does Caleb want to be in my class next year? :)


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