Thursday, May 6, 2010

a little work = LEGO Rock Band!

For Christmas we got Rockband. The boys love it! So do my husband and I.
But, it feels a little strange when your innocent little boys are belting out songs about say, their alcoholic father or their old girlfriend, etc...
Then, some friends introduced us to LEGO Rockband. The songs are kid friendly and you can set any instrument to a "super easy" setting, which makes it more fun for them. So, when I saw it on sale, I snagged it up.
But, I have a problem just giving my kids somethin' for nothin'. So, we made a list.

C (the 7 yr. old) had to:
-learn to play a song on the piano
-do yardwork

E (the 5 yr. old) had to:
-read me a whole book by himself
-do yardwork

M (the 2 yr. old) had to:
-just look cute with his bedhead hair
-jump up and down in the trash can while we did yardwork

They have LOVED Lego Rockband!
They always argue over who gets to be the singer (even M)
and they always choose Ghostbusters and Kung Fu Fighting.
I highly recommend it for your kids... and your inner rocker!


  1. We love rockband!! My boys, too. The youngest just pulled out the drums today. We'd get Lego Rockband if they made it for the PS2. (We're kinda old school and cheap.)

  2. I totally agree about the rockband songs. I have not heard of Lego Rockband! Great idea! Thanks! I want to know how you made your pictures look like this. They look so cool!

  3. I have Photoshop CS. I love photography at Photoshop. I'm also a little parnoid of having lots of pics of my kids on the www. So, I use Photoshop sometimes just to disguise them a bit.
    If you happen to have Photoshop, go to pull down "Filter", then "Artistic" There are tons of choices for different effects.


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